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Perception sometimes gives unexpected meanings to the obvious

June 08, 2021
A Rising Force - Undertow

The A Rising Force - Undertow album's title track starts its musical narrative with an echo of hard blues, then accentuating the title over and over again in the chorus. Unhurried musical passages entice you to attentive listening to the Love and War song's vocals reflections.
Musical persistence intensifies the stubborn march of the musical procession of the Crushed composition, then accentuating the main motive of the Freaks song, giving it an atmosphere of a certain mystery. The Black Eyed Suzy complements the reflections on her title in the previous track, creating an atmosphere of a twilight ballad.
The radio announcer's reflections on the past wars precede the rolling of a musical canvas of the Yesterdaze Hell brooding song. The pensive and mysterious charm of the Giza singing diva's vocals serve as an introduction to the War Machine composition, which buries the previous trackmotives in a full-scale musical story with a vocal part.
The Uncle Tom's Cabin brings back memories of home by intertwining guitar solos with vocal inspiration in a dance that anticipates the Retribution final composition of the album.