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Perception opens up all more and more horizons

September 25, 2021
 L'ame Immortelle - Hinter Dem Horizont

Music charm of symphonic joining complement the fascinating tunes of a singing lady, but then the sound of the Unendlich song is transformed into the entire musical genre in its peculiar to the L'ame Immortelle - Hinter Dem Horizont whole album and band, then the vocal party complements the male voice, then combined with the heating of a singing lady in a duet. The Letztes Licht composition continues the musical narration, combining futuristic pulsation of electronic impulses and a romantic atmosphere, alternating and combining male and female vocals in the vocal part.
Music image of the Treiben romantic ballad displays male vocals on the foreground of the musical canvas, the Am Ende Aller Tage song continues to circle romantic musical motifs, bringing female vocals to the dominant position and somewhat accelerating the musical pace in the choruses. Dance electronic musical motifs of the Dein Kuss track are fond of the unity of ancient gothic motives and modern musical trends.
The Memories composition combines such a sound with romantic and sensual vocal reflections of a singing lady. Soft and gentle piano solo combines with alternating the charm of the male and female vocal in the Monument romantic ballad. The alarm electronic drive of the Schwerkraft musical composition is combined with the sensual thoughtfulness of the singing lady, then transforming his vocals to the witch rasping screaming, then returning to the initial sound. The alternation and argument of the male and female vocal fonds into the whirlwind of the Frei musical dispute, fiercely male vocals to violent harsh, bringing sensual restlessness to women's vocals. The Hinter Dem Horizont song completes the album with a charming combination of an epic musical fairy tale and modern musical style.