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Perception of ghosts out-of-bounds for alive

May 18, 2020
Death on Fire - Ghost Songs

Beginning with alarming cries of growling with a pulsating musical mystery, Lies We Eat then complements the melodic guitar solos with phrases of emotional screaming, then alternating these vocal styles. The title track continues the Death on Fire - Ghost Songs album, captivating with the guitar solo of the introduction, then complementing the fascinating sound of the musical passages with emotional vocal phrases.
The howls of an angry crowd, calling for unity in a military fraternity, then Once Were Warriors alternates fragments of a swift drive with screaming with a viscous march with growling. The charm of a ballad guitar solo in The End Complete introduction is then transformed into a musical procession on the brink between mid-tempo romanticism and furious drive.
The Architects musical composition returns to tempo variations depending on vocal styles - alternating a medium-tempo procession with growling with screaming, calling for rapid rage. Weaving into the intro the lace of the main motive Withering Away tightens the sound together with deep growling, weaving in a melodic waltz with screaming, alternating it with growling. A thoughtful guitar solo ends with a furious and persistent procession of unbridled drive, which is driven by the People Like You vocals phrases, sometimes combining screaming and growling in a duet. Once again, the mysterious Fear And Loathing introduction by a muffled musical passage sets a pensive intrigue, then developing into a stream of furious drive with emotional vocal reflections.
The romantic ballad gently and sensually creates an atmosphere of dreamy charm, but then the vocals appeal to the hardening of the Deafening Roar musical narration. However, the vocals then complement the newly softened music with the dreamy tunes of clean vocals. The Love Gun ( KISS cover) tribute to the legends of music, rethought in the performance of this band completes the album.