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Perception is constantly changing

June 11, 2022
Jester's Tears - Perception

After a long, intriguing and mysterious introduction, the Harmony composition develops the beginning of the Jester's Tears - Perception album, complementing the bright musical mystery with vocals confusion and conjecture. The Only Way song will give great importance to the vocal part, sighing with whirlwinds of drive. But then progressive musical solutions and the guitar solo of the instrumental part bring symphonism and musical charm to the sound.
Spiritual chorales are creating the introduction of the I Can't Deny composition, rolling out the majestic canvas of the spiritual anthem. After a pensive introduction, the Dreams Aside musical ballad continues the album's melodious charm with sensual musical passages and emotional vocala confessions.
After a mysterious introduction, the vocals rise to the top of the Scream Into Darkness musical image. The Thorns In His Mind musical composition thoughtfully and meldically continues the narrative of a romantic atmosphere, complementing the sound of the album with symphonic musical grandeur.
After intriguing preparation, the Sorry musical saga elevates vocal phrases to the crest of musical waves, again and again emphasizing vocals significance. The Who Decides minstrel ballad takes us into the atmosphere of medieval squabbles, wrapping the charm of symphonic musical passages around vocal reflections, developing and continuing these musical motifs in the Critical Thinking final composition of the album.