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Perception depends on point of view

February 24, 2020
Void Droid - Bipolar

The guitar solo pumps the waves of the main motive, before the introduction of vocals, the Super Ego Villain song varies the tempo pattern, from time to time exploding in the rapid whirlwinds of the drive along with emotional vocal screams. Zarathustra continues the Void Droid - Bipolar album with the pulsating waves of the gloomy mystery of the stubborn march, the vocals bring peculiar trends of impressive artistry.
ontinuing the musical narration with a romantic ballad, Milkaholic at first weaves the vocal part with chimes of acoustic guitar strings in a bewitching dance, but then tightens and hardens the musical sound. Somen Mask continues a denser and more severe sound, preserving, however, a ballad style and introducing emotional feelings with vocal phrases. The grand instrumental symphony The Mars March creates an atmosphere of reflection, continuing into The Venus Effect introduction predestined instrumental passages, combining them with a dreamy ascension of vocal phrases, continuing, in addition, the musical style of the magnificent ballad.
Walking on the verge of a mid-march and a romantic ballad Clockface supplements this with combinations of vocal part variations. The title track of the Bipolar album complements the sound with the soft and gentle atmosphere of an instrumental ballad, introducing shades of doubt in the final fragment. Puer Blue completes the album with a ballad, but shrouding vortices of instrumental power with harsh vocal phrases.