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People! Finish your games! Silence everywhere!

August 26, 2017
HeadCrusher - Death Comes With Silence

So soft, restrained and melodic introduction Ignis Fatuus with an acoustic guitar gives rise to HeadCrusher - Death Comes With Silence album.
Get ready for the rumble! The wave of furious drive blows its flow, sweeping away all obstacles on the way - the Seismal vocals only ascertains the rabies of this stream.
In A Plague Upon Us music the vocals comes to the fore, the rest of the instruments focus on accompanying the vocal phrases.
Pulsing in constant explosions of changeable sound, Black Hearted Demons searches in convulsive jerks from side to side the true essence of the surrounding order. The instrumental part introduces a wonderful lyric melody, into which a muffled demonic whisper creeps in imperceptibly. Beginning with gloomy gothic introductions, after the grinding of a muffled whisper, Trails of Devastation brings up the darkness and horror of a charming entry to the top of the celebration, the vocal entering calls to a severe compaction of the rhythmic structure.
Intermission howling as intro of Fatal Error, that furiously crashing everything around, breaking walls, fetters and borders, after fury in the bridges complementing the vocals with mysterious demonic shades.
No remorse, no regret - Eternal Butchery rushes in the swift, deadly whirlwind of blazing blades, chopping everything around in a violent dance. Title track Death Comes With Silence performs deep, confident and eerie sound. Accompaniment in musical fury tends to break in the free spaces, increase of speed and pace - but the vocals restrain it with their severe and harsh instructions.
Just as calmly, gently and melodiously the album began, I am Death (Outro) ends it.
But no! This is not an end, demons with black hearts (I mean Black Hearted Demons) knows Spanish very well, Gritos Del Sur (Bonus Track) sound much more interesting than the English version - especially vocals, superbly alternating growling, screaming and harsh. Argh!