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Paying tribute and remembering music legends

July 18, 2021
Resurrexion - Rock Masters

The Wild Flower (The Cult) begins the musical narration of collection of covers of legendary songs release Resurrexion - Rock Masters, stubbornly and unyieldingly marching in a vocal procession with musical support on the background. The Sex Type Thing (Stone Temple Pilots) song gives music and vocals an atmosphere of enigmatic foreboding, intriguing with artistic riddles.
Somewhat condensing the sound of guitar riffs, the Come Together (The Beatles) composition somewhat transforms and rethinks the sound of the original song, somewhat changing the tempo and rhythm. The guitar solo of the intro captivates with inspiring musical artistry, anticipating the romantic reverie of the Rain (The Cult) track. But the sound of the Paranoid (Black Sabbath) composition whirls up like a whirlwind of rebellious drive, wrapping vocals phrases, that sounds somewhat softer than the original, with a whirlwind of musical pressure. But the Highway Star (Deep Purple) music even more condenses and hardens the sound, thickening and making the drive more persistent and assertive.
However, the Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf) song returns to the mid-tempo sound, bringing echoes of southern and traditional rock style to the release. The Crazy Train (Ozzy Ousbourne) composition again returns to a furious drive, accentuating the main motive with guitar riffs. Densely, persistently and confidently the Helter Skelter (The Beatles) song accentuates the title in the chorus again and again. An unforgettable anthem of musical creativity and perhaps the most famous and popular hard rock composition Smoke on The Water (Deep Purple) completes the release.