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Pay homage to emptiness and no one!

August 22, 2017
Death Of Kings - Kneel Before None

Lively, persistently and confidently Shadow of the Reaper begins the Death Of Kings - Kneel Before None album. Mystical evil demons trample on everything that is eternal and familiar, changing everything around to their familliar order.
But opposition to the forces of evil revolts, Sojourn demonstrates the march of heroes bearing the proud banner of good and justice over their system, music pulsates in the support of humanity for this army.
Regicidal goes into discussion by the forces of evil and darkness of the coming battles, the dialogue of emotional harsh and deep, diffuse growling begins the composition in verse, then the harsh goes to the cutting edge and dominates the chorus.
Clubs of darkness and dusk are enveloped from all sides, Descent sounds like marsh of evil foes, powerfully and confidently typing their steps into the stones of the road with fire and poison. Then darkness and darkness rush in a stream of fury and rage in a swift drive to hellish triumph. And again - confident, tough march replaces with fast, impatient guitar solo.
The forces of evil triumph, rituals and ordinances were accomplished - Hell Comes to Life, that they repeat over and over again in the chorus of their dark, frenzied, sparkling all shades of darkness festival.
The vortex of Knifehammer guitar riff entrains with stormy stream of thoughts and images, tangling emotions, feelings and experiences into a single rope, turning it into the whip, whipping all around.
Hard, dense and confident in the gloomy impulse of dark and evil spirits, Plague (Upon the World) envelops mankind, arising outbreaks of unknown ills. The dusk of a hard and harsh musical canvas is sweeping away hope far away from anywhere.
Rapidly pulsing flow of musical rabies, dragging into Too Fast for Blood deadly dance, sweeping away everything in the way, chosen and inevitable.
Vigorously and rapidly twisted in Revel in Blasphemy verses, in choruses and bridges, evil concentrates its nature in a powerful hymn that sings of dark and terrible, completing the composition and the whole album with the triumph of infernal flame.