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Patients! What the dispute in the ward?

April 17, 2018
Infection Code - Dissenso

Distorted electronic impulses in the Santa mattanza introduction precede a furious drive, called vocal revelations, enthralling musical motives behind their nervous phrases, interrupting this frenzy with reflections in the changing electronic impulses. Painful, viscous reflections Costretti a sanguinare continues the Infection Code - Dissenso album, is tightened and intriguing the development of the composition, pausing with distant artistic keyboard motifs adorning the music chained in rusty fetters.
Macerie in the introduction continues the viscous, unhurried manner of the previous composition, from time to time complicating the rhythmic structure with incredible kinks and exploding with flashes of vigor of vocal delights. Then the vocal raises its party to an incredible level, appealing to fantastic power and enveloping itself in incredibly progressive musical covers.
The chime of the bells in the DSSN introduction brings the atmosphere of nomadic camps, then the vocals complement this with spicy shades of oriental folklore motifs. Then sharp stream of furious drive envelops an incredibly complex rhythmic pattern, as if buried vocal doubts in a dark fog. This dark stream at the very end somewhat restrains the swiftness, ending more calmly and modestly.
The In assoluto silenzio main motive consistently develops, gaining a pulse of pulsating power, then supplementing its rolling dark waves with vocal shades. In the middle, obscure electronic impulses supplement romantic reflections, sometimes turning into a whisper. In the final segment, the main motive returns again.
Unclear fog crawls with mysterious ghosts into the Ad nauseam intro, the vocal first complements the ambiguity with its drive, but then is carried away along with the mad stream of crazy drive, supplemented by nervous and disturbing keyboards passages. From time to time the vocals return to the meditations, but rushes in the next stream of drive to the level of another madness.
By continuing the burdensome struggle of reason with internal doubts, compressing in their misty perceptions the perception of the surrounding world Strategie continues this struggle with the madness of so romantic ballad.
Rapid drive carries away in its captivity by violent high-speed passages, slowing by the vocals revelations album to completion by the Sentenza song.