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Passing through the twilight haze of the mysterious abyss

December 07, 2020
La Maschera Di Cera - Back From The Void

The introduction of the first composition Black From The Void, which differs only in a letter from the title of the La Maschera Di Cera - Back From The Void album, creates the lace of an inspired symphony, enveloping the chime of melodic guitar thoughts with echoes of orchestral passages. Then the keyboards wrap around the listener with a sparkling break of musical triumph. Then, in a continuous composition, the vocal part manifests its inspiration, complementing the musical melody with sighs of vocal emotions. Some of the drum rolls are then transformed by the inspiration of the The 1000 Year's Warfare bardic saga, combining vocal musings with flute tunes.
The Chant Of Him acoustic ballad envelops the romanticism of forgotten fairy tales, complementing the vocal phrases with a mystical atmosphere of mystery and epic flute melodies and keyboard notes. The keyboard symphony of The Deepest Chasm introduction takes you to the vastness of fabulous inspiration, then the vocals complement this charm with doubts and a stern readiness for the coming trials.
The Chant Of Him symphony envelops with intriguing grandeur and ends with the phrases of a male vocal in the vocal part with the addition of a singing lady, continuing this melody in the sound of Metaphysical Journey composition, ending vocally with a phrase.
The Dawn In The Temple symphonic atmosphere creates a delightful backdrop for vocal reflections. The chime of A Word Of Tho Worlds acoustic guitar returns to the mysterious atmosphere of the bardic sagas. The At The Gates Of Tomorrow track closes the album with an epic saga, wrapping vocal phrases with flute tunes, complementing the sound of this unity with the covers of a majestic symphony. In the instrumental finale, the music is complemented by the impatience of an impetuous drive, crowned with progressive musical variations.