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Pain is the harbinger of imminent death

January 31, 2018
Ecopraxia - Muerte y Dolor

A wondrous soft guitar fingering break sets the romantic mood of Intro - Mental Clinic, enveloping with the sensual twilight, creating a marvelous and mysterious intrigue. But then the grim vortex of the guitar reefs raises dark anger, carrying further the Ecopraxia - Muerte y Dolor album in a fierce outburst of a sharp and energetic drive. Vocals appear demonic and hard harsh, sometimes supplemented by hysterical screams.
Circling in the deadly dance of entry Venganza then hardens the musical image, sweeping away with a furious rush of unrestrained musical anger any obstacles on the way of its progress at an average pace.
The rapid stream of musical drive Inmolaciуn is carried away in the rampant race of violent riffs, bringing vocal vocal phrases, completing them with gloomy ideas of dark energy, comprehending the vocal aspirations in the choruses.
Having prepared a duel in a blood-stained arena The Gladiator continues this harsh energetic flow of severe drive, somewhat transforming its essence in the battle of the opposing ones.
By driving the piles of the subsequent path into the entry, Vidas Abnegadas is carried away in a rush to unclear desire for change, pausing with paving the way in each bridge with bright melodic tunes. Vocal introduces a tight, measured pace to these unbridled wanderings.
The Cruda Realidad main motive manifested in the introduction does not recedes even for a moment, carrying its history through numerous trials and battles.
The proud warlike motive evolves like a valorous banner over the detachments of soldiers, swiftly and restless marching into the title track Muerte y Dolor line up, not fearing the coming clashes and battles. In the chorus, this mood is recreated clearly and meaningfully, swiftly carried away in the vortex of the instrumental part.
The galloping main motif of the Vivir Para Morir composition that completes the album is interrupted by a short solo bass of the guitar, then changing with dark guitar passages and angry vocal phrases creates a vivid musical stream that at the concert will shatter the fans in a violent slam.