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Pain also can and should be researched

April 26, 2020
Deeper - Auto-Pain

A light dance of the Esoteric main motive is intertwined with vocal experiences in a fascinating dance, then the Run rhythmic pulsation carries you into some echoes of a party from the 50s of the last century. This Heat continues the Deeper - Auto-Pain album with inspired rushes, introducing some trends of a freedom-loving pursuit of adventure.
The obscure fog, the ghostly echoes of the entry recede into the background, then dissipate under the pressure of the rhythmic pulsations of a medium-tempo musical canvas, sometimes musical variations again and again return to psychedelic musical shades. >Wrapping musical covers of unclear anxiety Lake SongUntitled keyboard solo are the intro of the Spray Paint composition, in which a given motive develops into an inspired whirlwind of fascinating artistry.
Combining leisurely meditations in a foggy haze, with sparkling notes of a guitar solo 4U sometimes explodes with a stream of furious drive led by vocal emotions. Twisting in a fascinating dance a whirlwind of disturbing guitar notes and mysterious keyboard passages with doubts of vocal phrases V.M.C. creates a very controversial image. The singing of birds and the noise of nature are scattered by an annoying guitar solo, which stimulates Helena's Flowers vocals reflections with rhythmic pulsations.
The inspiration of musical passages is supplemented by background doubts of keyboard passages, The Knife vocals phrases ascend to the surface of musical waves. Warm concludes the album with a rhythmic heartbeat and a round dance of guitar solos entwining vocal reflections with blurred vortices.