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March 20, 2020
Kronos Resistor - The Book Of Pariah

The majestic symphony of musical passages of the introduction gives the beginning of the Kronos Resistor - The Book Of Pariah concept album an artistic charm, then enveloping the melodic musical covers with the significance of the vocal narrative of Becoming Pariah composition. Piercing the motives of the beginning with electronic impulses, Assembolism: A Bionic Evolution then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, transforming the severe growling with dreamy tunes of clean vocals.
Pumping up the pressure of severe waves Exponential Growth emphasizes the completion of musical measures with stubborn vocal phrases. A soft mesmerizing chime of guitar strings envelops The Commencement Of Apollyon vocals reflections with a symphonic haze, continuing the musical narration with a whirlwind of a pulsating drive, combining harsh and growling in the Anathema vocal part. Disturbing alarm by the twilight of guitar riffs, vocal phrases supplement this with a harsh narration, but then guitar solos bring melodic inspiration into the sound of instrumental fragments of the Vagary song. Mysterious introduction sets an intriguing expectation, then incredibly complicating the sound of The Immutable Petulance Of Anathema composition with progressive lace of rhythmic changes.
Severe vocal tunes are brought to the forefront of the The Descent And Ascension Of Pariah musical image, forcing a rebellious musical whirlwind enveloping the emotional tunes. A round dance of The Malice And Spite Of The Contemporary Antagonist main motive carries the vocal narrative into unrestrained circles, then piercing with a blade a swift drive combining harsh and growling vocals in a single part.
Setting an introductory musical procession of the magnificent anthem The Persecution And Transformation then complements these motifs with the harsh significance of the vocal part, sometimes taking off with a swift whirlwind of drive, combining chorus and clean vocals in chorus. The soft motifs of the acoustic guitar complement the thoughts of the vocal confession, then Inevitable Eradication Vs. Astonishing Unification completes the album with the magnificent symphony of the solemn anthem.