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Our legions will return

May 21, 2022
Visions Of Atlantis - Pirates

The symphonic charm of the Pirates Will Return composition reveals the book of the musical fairy tale of the Visions Of Atlantis - Pirates album, captivating in the atmosphere of adventures and exciting trials. The Melancholy Angel song brings the vocals tunes of the singing lady to the forefront of the musical image. The Master the Hurricane musical saga alternates and combines male and female vocals in a duet, continuing the same vocal significance in the sound of the Clocks composition, weaving them in the artistic lace of the chorus in an exciting duet.
The pensiveness of the Freedom romantic story raises the vocal melodies to the top of the sound, captivating with a rapid drive into the musical mystery of the Legion of the Seas symphony and continuing the waves of the drive crowned with melodic charm in the Wild Elysium intro, somewhat soothing the sound with the introduction of vocals, developing a melodic charm in the romantic sound of the Darkness Inside ballad.
Enchanting with the sound of an epic leitmotif with a folkloric influence, the In My World music is combined with vocals in a mesmerizing sound, anticipating the bright stream of the drive of the Mercy composition. The Heal the Scars brooding ballad brings the vocal tunes of the singing lady to the forefront of the sound, concluding the album with the I Will Be Gone melodic musical tale.