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March 10, 2023
Infernal Sea - Negotium Crucis

Musical covers envelop the vocal narrative of the Destruction Of Shum composition with a unity of sparkling charm and the hidden power of musical drive, beginning the musical path of the The Infernal Sea - Negotium Crucis album with an enchanting unity of musical contrasts, billowing with a whirlwind of rapid musical pressure around the axis of the Befallen Order main motif and vocals narrative. The vocal part complements the dominant screaming with the growling vocals support in the chorus.
The unhurried procession of the twilight charm of the God Wills It dark musical tale envelops with ghostly whirlwinds of invisible mysteries and echoes of mystical legends, continuing the epic narrative of incredible mysteries in the sound of the Field Of The Burned composition, accelerating the pace of musical narration in the development of the main motif inherent in the sound of the introduction.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Devoid Of Fear musical image supported by the harsh rhythmic march of musical passages, anticipating the mesmerizing sound of the title track of the Negotium Crucis album, continuing the rhythmic procession, raising vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves.
The music of the introduction slowly and carefully prepares listeners for the perception of the Unholy Crusade song, varying the rhythm and tempo in anticipation of the Rex Mundi majestic musical saga, even more painstakingly and carefully weaving the musical lace of the introduction, which then pierces the blade of musical impatience, crowned with a vocal story that concludes the main part of this release, which, however, is complemented by the processing and rethinking of the artistic fragment of the Into The Unknown (Bonus) earlier composition of the band, embodied in an updated musical sound.