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Origins of the other side

April 05, 2022
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side, 2013 -  The Other Side (EP)

Music and vocals weave an enchanting lace of musical unity in the sound of the Lies song, combining intriguing passages of the verse and the enchanting rapture of the chorus, intertwined with sparkling ribbons of musical passages of instrumental fragments and complemented by the artistic charm of bridges and inspirational vocal rapture. The title track continues the musical narrative of the Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - The Other Side (EP) album with a captivating musical fairy tale, combining music and vocals in the captivating artistry of creative dance, captivating the listener to the charm of musical majesty.
Musical charm is intertwined in an artistic dance with vocal mystery, creating the Where To Begin enchanting musical picture ... my words and description are lost, perplexed and embarrassed ... listen to such an artistic atmospheric composition - I'm sure you won't regret it!
The epic and folkloric appeals of the vocal storyteller sparkle and enchantingly weave the musical passages of the Little Girl musical saga, creating a sparkling and exciting canvas of a musical fairy tale, anticipating the progressive artistry of the Line No. 18 final composition of the album, combining vocal riddles with complex and enchanting musical changes.