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Origin of the northern dawn

December 12, 2022
Black Lava - Soul Furnace

The twilight mystery of the Origins intro envelops the begining of the Black Lava - Soul Furnace album with the atmosphere of a ghostly symphony, into which vortices of drive and echoes of forgotten fairy tales are wedged, foreshadowing the further development of the Black Blizzard musical essence by rolling waves of hidden drive in the rhythmic and rigid step of the introduction of the Black Blizzard composition, announcing the manifestation of the true musical essence with the introduction of vocals.
Musical variations and vocals narration are intertwined in the spiral of the sound of the Baptised in Icesong, captivating with the desire for adventure and discovery, continuing in the twilight obscurity of the mysterious haze of the musical fairy tale of the Eye of the Moon composition and the gloomy musical mystery of the Northern Dawn fascinating musical fairy tale, combining in a single sound the melodic charm of musical pressure and the exciting inspiration of a vocals storyteller.
The furious power of the musical thriller combined with the charming emotionality of the vocal lyrics are intertwined in the charming unity of the Necrocatacomb epic saga, continuing a similar combination with an emphasis on the rhythmic pressure of the main motif with shades of battle marches and the echo of valiant legends in the sound of the Nightshade musical fairy tale, continuing with the unyielding pressure of the final composition of the Soul Furnace album with reflections of melodic charm, artistically complemented by an exciting vocals story.