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February 13, 2021
High Command - Beyond the Wall of Desolation

Obstinate guitar riffs roll in with irresistible preparation for the Inexorable Darkness track's fast-paced race, crowned with furious harsh vocals, opening the gates of the High Command - Beyond the Wall of Desolation album with unbridled drive and irresistible power. But then the tempo of the music slows down, enveloping the vocal legends in a dark haze and foreshadowing the mystical mystery of an illusory guitar solo, complemented by the repetition of the song title. Whirling into a whirlwind of high-speed drive into intro, the Merciless Steel begins with a rapid flight of high-speed drive, complemented by vocal phrases. But then the vocals call for a slowdown in tempo, emphasizing the importance of the vocal part.
After the twilight intrigue of the introduction, the Impaled Upon the Gates walks in a leisurely march of a dark anthem, rolling waves of rhythmic twilight and vocal severity, entwined with a gloomy toga of harsh significance. After the dialogue between the sage and the barely audible lady, the Devoid of Reality retains the sound of the mid-tempo procession, rolling in waves of confident narrative significance and completes the composition with a keyboard solo with symphonic sadness.
Keeping the tempo and sonority The Commander's Code makes the music more harsh, bringing it closer to the sound of a combat march, rhythmically and firmly driving the rhythm of the path before the harsh vocals narration. Captivating with the exciting sound of the main motive, the Visions from the Blade gives even more charm to the musical experience with bright flashes of melody in the guitar solos of the instrumental bridges.
Alternating mid-tempo reflections with whirlwinds of restrained drive, the Forged to Kill reveals the album's expected embodiment of a crossover anticipating the symphonic intro of the Beyond the Wall of Desolation title track, ending the album with an impressive saga of dark anthem into the intro, continuing with rhythmic invocations of vocal phrases.