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Order bothers, the stars are dying

September 16, 2016
Morthus - Over The Dying Stars

Change the boring order and life will help glance Morthus - Over The Dying Stars !
Ringing of the bells, outlying chants and mysterious sounds are combined in the Vastness Above (Intro), of the album.
Unhurried entry sneaks up to the depth of the mind, Unholy Cult Of The Ancient One goes through all sorts of variations of melodies and rhythmic patterns, changes them - leaving no one indifferent to its epic shape.
Powerfuly crushing templates, viciously and violently starts its way Gospel For Evil And Chaos. Then focus on the scope and content - there're temples with its anthems for the chaos and the creatures of darkness. Listen - so be aware of it!
Revelation Hunt concentrates speed and zeal in its riffs, not allowing to expect and thoughtfully ponder. Hunt going fast, without a stop or respite.
Fervent blows crucify the flesh of the usual space, giving the right to Access The Void. Then fearless furious spurts interspersed with thoughtful melancholic atmospheric parts. In this contrast structure of the composition is composed as well.
Tales to tell from the first moment, outlining veils of the Hate & Pride by delight of phrases. Then goes to musical ornament, which indicates a different times and uplevels - from harsh and fast agressive rushes, to calm melodic deliberate nattative parts. That's hard to describe - so listen to your own inspirations!
Slowly, thoughtfully expanding its melodic canvas covers on the outside world, Chant Of The Blazing Breath leads its story unhurried - shimmering notes of guitar riffs, interspersed with screams inclusions. Then, adding sound, increasing the sound density and speed of it - death mustered energy to more abrupt and mighty deeds! But the brief inclusion of vocal phrases do not touch the instrumental end of the composition.
Rage and power intertwined with melodics in unison in the Sons Of Black Fire, there's plenty of angry rage, but a lot of melodic tunes - this is combined in a single composition! So, it unites disparate - track did it!
Quiet and calm melodic combination of strum and fingering with acoustic guitar strings and a few vocal phrases crowns the album with outro Doomsday Below.