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October 11, 2017
Vendetta(HND) - Un Nuevo Orden

A soft, melodic instrumental composition, called as well as the band, Vendetta begins the Vendetta(HND) - Un Nuevo Orden album with an instrumental extravaganza and a muffled confession, resulting in a squeaking radio broadcast, in which periodically there are fragments inherent in this musical style.
A melodic introduction suggests thoughts on the lyrical continuation, but the vocals comes up to Anfitrion smusic sweeping waves of furious drive, demolishing any resistance and impediment to their phrases. But in the instrumental insets, the guitar solo honors and tributes the bright melodies and sparkling motifs, again and again!
After the uncontrollable streams of drive, illuminated by flashes of melodic passages, El Fin carries away the whirlwinds of gloomy motives, alternating vocal tones and tonalities, supplementing the harsh with screaming in the vocal parts. In the refrain, the vocal reflections are combined with viscous guitar riffs.
After a thoughtful and dreamy introduction, Dementofobia begins a wave of impetuous drive, in which the delights of entry break out with bright flashes. Drive continues into entry La Ultima Conspiracion, then the vocals subordinate the music to their rhythmic phrases, forcing to pulsate in the subordination of his party. Then the vocal duet of screaming and growling comes to the forefront of the musical picture, allowing only hypermelodic passages of guitar solo to distract attention from their parties. Acoustic romance, reminiscent of medieval legends of wandering bards completes the composition.
The mystical atmosphere begins Donde Habitan las Sombras, enveloping the sound of the fog of ghostly spirits, the music turns into something like doom death metal. But then the drive makes its impact, from the slow moving the sound into an average tempo, expanding the stylistic framework of the composition.
The title track Un Nuevo Orden begins with a stunning music stream and a screaming screaming, which ends the phrase with clean vocals, bringing to the forefront an exciting guitar solo. Then, the growling, screaming and harsh are combined in an impressive drive, capturing consciousness and mind, drawing them to follow its path without any doubt.
Beginning with a viscous and viscous riff leading to a twilight atmosphere of mysticism, before entering the vocals into Recolector de Almas music guitar riff sharply picks up the pace, then the mystical atmosphere complements the impetuous drive. Demanding unquestioning obedience to its will instrumental groove Somos la Tempestad, alternating vocal passages of screaming, harsh and growling persistently and irresistibly follows the its chosen path. The instrumental part changes music to a rhythmic reverie that drives its foundations into the mind, then gives way to so majestic marvelous guitar solo. A memorable, exciting guitar riff that fully manifests itself as a guitar solo in the Bienvenidos al Mas Alla intro serves as the basis for the formation of the main motive, creating an axis for the spiral from a scoring and growling competition in vocal parts.