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Oppressive permanence points the dark path

July 24, 2022
Hysterical Blindness - Mysterious Dogma

The acoustic guitar solo of the Sorrow intro of the Hysterical Blindness - Mysterious Dogma album envelops in an atmosphere of sadness and sorrow, regretting the lost opportunities and anticipating the gloomy shaft of the unrestrained drive of The Raven's Walk dark anthem, raising dim banners of gloomy grandeur and rushing into an unstoppable procession along the smoldering path.
Billowing with a furious whirlwind of unstoppable drive, the musical thriller of the Mysterious Dogma album's title track sweeps away any obstacles and obstacles, then treading in a stern procession with a meaningful singing of dark prophecies.
The gloomy mysterious haze of The Void wordless ritual mystery acts as an introduction to the rapid flight of musical variations of the Cross the Fangs composition, bringing with guitar passages an atmosphere of symphonic charm, wrapping the vocal narrative with a sparkling charm of artistic musical motifs.
Distant winds, the chime of a bell and the drumming of a distant march are The Shell intro to The Rise of Yhorm final composition of the album, billowing with a frantic whirlwind of dark spells after a drumbeat, then a variable sound in an atmosphere of twilight mystery.