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Only way to avoid doom

December 21, 2022
Stonegard - From Dusk Till Doom

A twilight intrigue with muted vague echoes of distant voices weaves the atmosphere of the introduction of the title track of the Stonegard - From Dusk Till Doom album, then elevates emotional vocal variations to the surface of the musical stream, then setting with guitar riffs the sound of The Last Good Page leitmotif, which is given shades and variations by vocals reflections.
The unhurried procession of the Morpheon twilight march envelops with vague mystery, somewhat accelerating the rhythm with artistic vocals chants with oriental shades, receding to the side for the progressive fracture of the rhythmic structure of the Crooked Feathers pensive ballad.
A brief intriguing introduction breaks the pushy Helios, Cursed stream of rapid musical drive, carried away by a mysterious vocals narrative that combines the rebellious essence of the sound of the couplets with the philosophical sublimity of the choruses. Exciting rolls of guitar riffs weaves the musical lace of the fascinating Rescue musical fairy tale, sometimes retreating with musical pressure before the sensual shades of vocals emotionality.
Combining the atmosphere of a battle song with an epic saga, the S&C composition weaves a mesmerizing musical lace from this unity, continuing the musical narrative with a reinterpretation of a bardic fairy tale or a minstrel ballad in the mystical mystery of the Blade song, continuing with the final album with the majestic Locust march, honoring the valor and exploits of the heroes.