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Only the highest pleasing blessing

December 11, 2020
Dawnbreaker - Total Depravity

Shots, machine-gun bursts, explosions and sirens set the mood of the musical style of the Man of War - that sounds like first song of the Dawnbreaker - Total Depravityalbum, combining the wrathful indignation of vocal rage with the gloomy drive of musical melody. The Strength of Passion music and vocals are woven together in a single stream of musical rage. The vague mystery of the enigmatic atmosphere anticipates a whirlwind of musical passages of the Blot out the Night epic saga.
The soft ringing guitar solo of the Secrets of Enoch introduction continues the atmosphere of a mesmerizing fairy tale, then exploding into a whirlwind of furious drive, keeping the melody set by the introduction, transforming it into the main motive.
The Waterless Places distorted instrumental chime of some mystical bell creates an atmosphere of mysterious mystery, ending with vocal phrases. The Dark Tower initially continues the musical mystery topped with a brooding guitar solo, but then the music sets the pace for the guitar solo, merging together in a furious musical thriller. Immediately exploding with a frantic drive after the mysteries of the previous compositions, the Exordium destroys all obstacles on its path.
Setting a deadly round dance with the lead guitar solo, the Radically Corrupt then alternates between screaming and growling for the vocals. The Post Tribulation Rapture continues the unrestrained race of deadly drive, becoming perhaps the most impetuous and furious composition of the album, which ends with the Ruins of Babylon muted fairy tale that wraps around the vocal narration with twilight echoes of ghosts and desert winds.