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Only norns knows true path

December 22, 2021
Erdling - Helheim

The proclamations of the brothers-in-arms anticipate the whirlwind of musical drive of the Rabenherz verse's sound, uniting in the musing of musical bridges. The Götterdämmerung track will continue the musical narrative of the Erdling - Helheim concept album dedicated to the Viking sagas and their tales with a solemn and epic anthem.
The energetic, insistent and assertive sound of the Der Mensch verdient die Erde nicht song combines the atmosphere of ancient fairy tales with the futuristic sound of industrial musical passages. The Leuchtfeuer composition is swirling with a swirling whirl of guitar solo intro, retreating before the vocal meditations in the verse and uniting with them in the chorus in a single musical stream.
The Fimbulwinter (feat. Julie Elven) epic saga enchants with echoes of ancient legends and is enchanted by the addition of a vocal part with the gentle tunes of the guest singing lady. Returning once again to the industrial drive, the Vogelfrei track captivates with its artistry of musical variations. The Es zerfällt rhythmic muffled drumbeat introduces a stubborn and stern Weißglut battle march that brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, uniting male and female vocals in the vocal part in the pre-chorus bridge.
The sparkling keyboard part of the introduction brings to the sound of the Helheim title track sparkling echoes of ancient legends and fairy tales. The Das Ritual song enchants with mystery and ritualistic obscurity with muted keyboard reflections, completing the album's musical tale with the sound of the Baum der Welt composition.