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Only descendants will gain clarity of the past

March 05, 2018
Convent - Vicious Moments of Clarity

Mysteriously and vaguely a guitar trill in the We Live in Quarantine introduction begins the Convent - Vicious Moments of Clarity album intriguing phrases, then the ominous grinds of crazy playful phrases like crazy with their insane jokes accompany an obscure illness, accentuating and emphasizing the name of the composition in the chorus. The epic melody of the brooding darkness precedes the finish line of the song.
So tight, confident and hard march Eulogy for a Waste of Life continues the album, concentrating the drive in powerful and severe punches, driving the way in the chosen direction. The bright, memorable guitar riff is like a sparkling jewel that captivates and fascinates you into the Last Drive intro, the vocals entering hysterical screencasting supplement with a duet of screaming and growling, then switching to screaming and groening. In the chorus, the crown of the guitar riff from intro again decorates the composition with a bright majestic brilliance Thoughtful dark romance envelops the atmosphere of multiple losses, Deathless vocal phrases sounds like confession and confession. Then screaming promotes recognition with a recitative, and over these revelations hangs a memorable and inspired haze of guitar passages.
The title track Vicious Moments of Clarity serves as a gentle and soft acoustic instrumental introduction to the next composition Reconciling the Unforgivable, enveloping the soft and romantic atmosphere of illusory dreams. The pulsating waves of the dark drive roll like a wave of sea waves, rolling back then with a rapid ebb, but again continuing to storm hard, powerfully and confidently wringing fury and anger on the coastal rocks.
Predators of the ClothEnergetic and furious drive weaves waves of fury and anger together, replacing vocal styles, supplementing the scream with various shades, in the chorus melodic passages and guitar solos come to the forefront of sound.
Wise reflections and interviews of the fate's rulers are described with a romantic ballad against the backdrop of nuclear strikes at the end of the war, with which the news on the radio is woven together in the final track of the album He Rode Upon a Pale Horse intro, continuing with sublime, impressive and incredibly melodic instrumental music.