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One step back? Turn around!

February 19, 2021
Summoning Death - One Step Beyond

Obscure musical variations and a gloomy atmosphere end with The Devils Laughter dark enigma of guitar passages enveloping the vocal narration in a gloomy atmosphere, creating a viscous musical gloom and continuing with a rhythmic mid-tempo march with a progressive ragged rhythms. But then the sound of the Summoning Death - One Step Beyond album accelerates, crowning the musical drive with vocal austerity. Mysterious Make Me Not A Witch musical variations carry you into the twilight atmosphere of mysterious dark fairy tales, complementing the musical drive with romantic guitar passages. The Bride Possesed continues the musical narration with a frantic drive of a hurried race, sometimes linked by artistic meditations and the gloomy significance of vocal severity.
Visually and painfully, the Night Of The Kill march in the procession of the dark anthem, then bursting before the onslaught of violent vocal rage. The Mask again begins with painful reflections in an atmosphere of impenetrable darkness, but sometimes explodes in an effort to dispel the hateful musical atmosphere.
Pumping waves of furious drum roll, the House Of The Dead smashes all obstacles in the way of a harsh combination of vocal significance and musical power. An acoustic guitar ballad with vocal background narrations creates an intro for The Image Of Death composition, then rolling in waves of a mid-tempo march and soaring with an accelerated drive in the final fragment. The Storm immediately explodes into the fierce fury of a musical thriller, paired with harsh vocal rage. The Silence Of The Centuries puts the final point on the album, pumping up vocal austerity, supported by musical passages, waves of anger.