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Once upon a time the end of times was so close

August 10, 2018
Suotana - Land of the Ending Time

A brief instrumental symphony Alku appears as the introduction of the next composition Troutrace, opening the gates of the Suotana - Land of the Ending Time album with a combination of rapid rage and unrestrained energy of couplets, intertwined with melodic passages and symphonic delights of instrumental bridges.
The Sorrowl's intro sweeps the barriers with so fierce pressure, unrestrained guitar riffs intertwine in the enchanting lace of the melodic extravaganza, embodying classical musical moves together with severe metal solutions. The vocal party is dominated by screaming, but the harsh and deep growling sums up the parts of the narration. In the instrumental part, the main motive comes to the front edge of the musical image, manifesting itself in a bright guitar solo. It is prefacing the final chorus, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part with symphonic musical passages.
The distant sound of the wind creates a background for the charming chime that generates the Into the Ice main motive after the harsh and majestic instrumental suite of the intro, sweepingly and enthusiastically rushing through the frozen icy expanses of the northern wastelands.
Evening campfire, bard that is picking the strings - and a grand melody, rising up the memory of the family, vortices sweeping a heap of the Thousands of Forests legends, bringing this to the emotional phrases of the screeching vocals with severe admonitions of the growling.
But the rapid musical canvas again rolled out in a bright fairy tale, not leaving anyone indifferent to its history. Acoustic ballad comes from the echoes of ancient tales, pumping waves of anticipations of the future development of the Autumn Awaits composition. Music retains an epic character, increasing tempo, but retaining a symphonic melody and intertwining screaming and growling in charming combinations in the vocal party. In the final part, the inspired guitar solo pacifies the musical whitenings, completing the composition with a majestic epic ballad, with vocal scrambling in the foreground and muffled growling on a background of music.
The rapid stream of drive enveloped in glittering melodic passages twists around the melodic key passages and alternates the screaming and growling of the vocal part. But in the bridge before the chorus and the chorus itself, the vocals slow down the swiftness of the musical canvas and majestically reflect on Wolfchasers mission as they reach their goal. Then, thoughtfulness and impetuosity are woven together in a musical image.
Starting with the majestic ballad Mission Suicide then carries away in the drive stream of couplets, returning to the melody of entry into bridges and choruses, in which the epic component comes to the forefront of the musical composition. The composition ends with a thoughtful ballad, anticipating the intro of the title comovision Land of the Ending Time, which combines progressive elements and epic trends in melodic passages. Then the vocals with a cry begin a rapid drive, pulsating in the speed race, in which the vocals tend to catch up with unrestrained musical rabies, sweeping an incredible surge of rage and impetuosity in bridges and choruses. In the instrumental part, fabulous folkloric motifs and classical influences are woven in the symphonic saga, anticipating the final part, in which the main vocal develops its narrative against the background of the choruses of adepts and supporters.