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Old man have to perform rain in desert

June 03, 2022
Windshake - Waking Moment

The painful reflections of the saddened bard begin the musical saga of the Windshake - Waking Moment album with their Saving The Cherry pensive saddened ballad, increasing the significance and influence of the vocal part in the sound of the Don't Rush (The Phone Will Keep Ringing) composition.
Musical passages envelop the vocal phrases of the Sharing Machine musical fairy tale with enchanting echoes of epic motifs and medieval musical legends. Bringing echoes of psychedelic intrigue with the sound of the introduction, the Independent Stones song then fascinates and captivates with the sensual trembling of the vocals part.
Wriggling like a whirlwind of impetuous drive into the introduction, the sound of the Waking Moment title track then submits to the reflections of unhurried vocal reverie. The acoustic chime of the guitar strings brings country-style nuances to the sound of the album in the musical variations of the Orange Raincoat song.
After an intriguing introduction, the Perform Like Rain composition envelops the atmosphere of a Broadway musical, anticipating the gentle sound of the Old Man Of The Desert romantic ballad.
The saddened mystery of the Auditory Hallucinations track is wrapped in a haze of obscure mystery, parting before the pressure of vocals doubts, and receding before reflections of the Receive Me bard ballad and the gentle encouraging and inspiring atmosphere of the The Big Wheel final composition of the album. Particular attention should be paid to the charming melody of the instrumental guitars solo.