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Odin is over all of us

May 26, 2020
Pagan (MEX) - Odin With Us!

The Intro (Version Instrumental) instrumental symphony creates a majestic atmosphere, invoking the spirits of the northern deities to pay attention to listening to the frantic drive tied with ribbons of symphonic influences and interweaving screaming, harsh and growling in the Fight For Glory vocal part.
The epic procession of musical passages continues the Pagan (MEX) - Odin With Us! album, then bringing to the forefront of the musical narrative The Return Is My Revenge song of the phrase of a harsh growling, inspiring bridges weaving together with screaming. Keeping a fascinating intrigue of the folklore narrative of the northern style Whitout Fear Of Death then envelops the harsh vocal phrases with a bewitching lace of fascinating melody. Particular attention should be paid to the impact of tunes accordion in the musical image.
Wrapping up the vocals phrases with the melody of the main motive, the Vinland epic narrative then walks along with a confident march of medium-tempo growling, supplementing it with appeals of emotional screaming and weaving vocal jets in the chorus dance. The bonfire, the tunes celebrating the end of the battle of the warriors are crowned with the prevailing tunes of the accordion, then, after an appeal, breaking North Star Guide music into a rapid stream of drive.
The Bifrost warlike whirlwind of guitar hatred intertwines with growling angry cries, tinted with screaming notes, then weaving the main motif lace in the dance of its variations. After a thoughtful dialogue ending with a chime of swords, the vocal part, weaving in an enchanting dance, screaming and growling with a dominant growling comes to the forefront of the Let Them Come musical image. Music and vocals are intertwined, bringing romanticism to the guitar solos of instrumental bridges, anticipating the Flight Of The Ravens chorus and intertwining together with their vocal tunes. Exploding with a whirlwind of drive with wordless chorales Ragnarok completes the album with the unity of vocal severity and musical persistence.