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Now we have find imaginary town

March 24, 2023
Narnia - Ghost Town

The guitar solo weaves an epic lace of musical passages with shades of oriental motifs to develop the solemn sound of the Rebel musical saga, continuing the sound of the Narnia - Ghost Town album with a symphonic unity of musical variations around the charismatic vocal part of the Thief musical fairy tale. The careful preparation of the musical base in the introduction is then crowned with a bright guitar solo and an inspired vocals narrative of the Hold On composition with a background of artistic keyboards tunes.
Billowing with a whirlwind of drive in the intro, the Glory Daze song then brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical image, wrapping the main vocals and background vocal chorales in a whirlwind of sparkling guitar solo. The Descension musical fairy tale fascinates with vocals inspiration, shrouded in a variety of musical variations, intertwined in the artistic charm of an enchanting musical palette. The Ghost Town title track of the album envelops the vocal narrative with enchanting covers of musical twilight, complementing the vocals mystery with a corresponding musical atmosphere.
The introduction weaves the musical canvas of the Alive main motif, according to which the vocal narrative then slowly and measuredly marches in a leisurely march, rising with an artistic ascension in the bright sound of the Modern Day Pharisees inspired ballad, continuing with the twilight majesty of the Out Of The Silence spiritual anthem, preceding the completion of the album with a bright whirlwind of the sparkling drive of the Wake Up Call composition, soaring in a bright ascension of majestic flight.