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Now we are in shining lands

March 07, 2022
Lorenzo Venza - Mind Atlas

A sparkling celebration of the Are We Real melodic musical variations opens the way for the musical narrative of the Lorenzo Venza - Mind Atlas album, varying dreamy reverie with a whirlwind of doubt and worry. The Shining Thoughts Land romantic ballad continues the musical extravaganza with an unhurried wistfulness, like a lovers' walk through a blooming spring avenue. The Cosmic Wave (feat. Rocco Zifarelli) composition, coming in with artistic progressive breakdown, preserves the romantic thoughtfulness, bringing into the sound the echoes of cosmic currents, as if the extraterrestrial sensuality penetrates into the musical essence of the album.
The thoughtful musical picture weaves the progressive musical lace of the Mind Atlas track, supplementing the musical artistry with the background vocal narration. The Wonder composition returns to space wanderings, enveloping with sparkling echoes of impressions of long journeys and endless wandering and nomad path.
Enchanting and intriguing with musical mystery, the Ehy Boo musical tale seems to transport us to mystical forests filled with magical enchantment, floating fairies, and shades of wandering spirits. The romantic musical motifs of the Maybe Tomorrow ballad is uprising the enchanting improvisation of the guitar solo to the top of the musical narrative, enchanting it with artistic grandeur and a musical celebration of melodic enchantment. The It Was a Joke (feat. Oz Noy) track continues to lead the main musical story with an artistic narrative of guitar solos intertwining in a mesmerizing dance with the rest of the musical parts in a thrilling compositional artistry.
The pulsating heartbeat of the Young Man's Journey musical meditations charms with unhurried melody and wistful contemplation, foreshadowing the end of the album with the Agni's Breath (feat. Peppe Frana) composition with echoes of oriental motifs in a mysterious atmosphere with the ringing of acoustic strings and mysterious percussion.