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Nothing good about these ghosts

December 22, 2020
The Damned - Evil Spirits

The Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow music envelops the vocals in an atmosphere of mystery, creating an intriguing atmosphere at the beginning of the The Damned - Evil Spirits album. The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Devil In Disguise musical image, complemented in the chorus by artistic variations of the keyboard parts. The We're So Nice music topped with vocal inspiration exalts the enchanting atmosphere.
Inspirational musical narration intertwining in a charming romantic waltz with the Look Left vocals brings a festive atmosphere. The Evil Spirits vocals part comes to the fore, the guitar solos bring a certain atmosphere of the Broadway show. The Shadow Evocation music envelops the vocal narration with mystical veils, artistically and bewitchingly enveloping in a mysterious mystery.
Vocals intertwined with bass guitar builds up inspiration, but then musical covers crown the Sonar Deceit unity with an artistic essence. Rock'n'roll drive entwined with sparkling ribbons of the Procrastination melodic artistry captivates the listener. The Daily Liar retains the similar sounding style and artistry of the keyboard passages, but gives great importance to the guitar passages. The inspiration of the I Don't Care musical essence is combined with the vocal impatience of the final composition of the album.