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Not knowing what to believe in

January 27, 2021
Infestation (UKR) - Fractal Delusion

The Insufferable Cold technogenic symphony without words opens the gates of the Infestation (UKR) - Fractal Delusion album with electronic impulses with a gloomy background music. Bursting with progressive guitar solos of the intro the Ethereal Hopelessness hardens the musical lace with a fierce growling, then picks up the musical tempo topped with deep and harsh vocal exhilaration. Fiercely hardened in the unbridled assault on the musical thriller, the Depersonalization (feat. Sergey Kositca) lends the music a progressive charm, complemented by the touch of a guest artist. This composition begins a fragment of the album, in which the participation of invited musicians is clearly felt, continuing in the Insignificance (feat. Alex Detestor of Bugs Live In My Bed) song, building the musical essence on the dispute of vocal styles. Then the Empty Shell (feat. Valerie Bear) abruptly and aggressively drives a dense rhythm into the listener's perception, continuing with the harsh procession of the twilight march, sometimes exploding with furious whirlwinds of musical additions and thinking about charming guitar solos, anticipating the demonic tunes of the invited singing lady.
A mysterious introduction, permeating with sparks of electronic impulses, anticipates the epic procession of the Perversion twilight fairy tale, wrapping around the vocal part with ribbons of sparkling fabulousness. The Reserved State continues the stylistics with a mid-tempo procession, sometimes exploding with a frenzy of instrumental bridges, but a calming tempo with alternating screaming and growling in the vocal part. Concluding the main part of the album with a mysterious wordless symphony, the NULL anticipates its final part, in which the Wormhole 2018 and Effaced Verge Of Sin 2018 artworks of the past is reinterpreted in new interpretations.