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Not everything present, you can't give anything

November 09, 2016
Theatres Des Vampires - Candyland

Sweet becomes bitter, pleasant - disgusting - how can that be ?! You're in Theatres Des Vampires - Candyland now!
Intriguing by the mysterious arcane shades Morgana Effect leads tale slowly and gracefully, keyboard passages soar above the main motive like ghostly spirits.
Keyboards notes charges impetuous motif, held in a nervous and emotional expectations, falling down over and over again in a whirlwind of impatience - it's so hard to awaiting for the Resurrection Mary! Environmental stress, impenetrable fog envelops us, entangling limb and restricting movement.
The dispute between the male and female vocals, exalts Delusional Denial at expanses of obscure shades of emotional outbursts.
Furiously and shamelessly starting Parasomnia continues in the same manner, replacing apologetic and hesitant phrases ocherechennye keyboard passages with shameless rage.
Kids words begin the Candyland title track, the child's speech is replaced with the lyrical romantic ballad, do not leave anyone indifferent to its mystical and mysterious motives.
Keyboard motifs of the Your Ragdoll are carried us within the unexplored universe, vocals and guitars tends to keep up with them, but it's so hard while you're in different dimensions!
Sadness and grief overwhelms, radiating through Pierrot Lunaire its rays in all directions, but this sadness is so lovely and radiant, it is impossible not to hear it again and again!
Paying respect to the present, ancient dance moves inspiring Photographic shades - integrating disparate...that it is difficult - but necessary!
Romantic emotions proclaimed by the Opium Shades overwhelm all the feelings, the average rate in the pouring playfully dance style.
Starting in crying lyrics Seventh Room combines male and female vocals, adding notes and turn to the growling vocal extravaganza, does not detract from lyrical emotionality.
Autumn Leaves express sadness moaning, crying about lost opportunities while staying in the perception of lost possibilities. That's the end of the all - and we know that!