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Not every awakening is joyful

July 05, 2020
Sacred Reich - Awakening

The title track begins the Sacred Reich - Awakening album with a pulsating drum roll entwined with interlocking lace of a guitar solo, raising the emotional experience of the vocal part to the top of the musical image. Driving waves of drive rhythmically and tightly chasing along the verge of an average pace and rapid unrestrainedness the Divide & Conquer emphasizes the importance of the chorus with the vocal part.
The drum roll of the Salvation introduction introduces the style of a combat march, combining further in this direction with other musical elements and introducing the experience of vocal phrases. The obscure mystery of the Manifest Reality introduction ends with a viscous and gloomy guitar solo, but the introduction of vocals calls for the development of a rapid musical thriller. Again and again emphasizing the name of the Killing Machine composition in the chorus, the music captivates with its sound in a fast-paced race.
The Death Valley mid-tempo song brings some blues echoes into the sound of the album, rhythmically marching along the chosen path. The unbridled swiftness of the Revolution musical race pushes emotional vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical image. The Something to Believe finishes the album with a rhythmic march, attaching the greatest importance to the influence of the bass part and captivating with the tunes of bridges and choruses.