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Not confident in direction? Go to the church for resurrection

October 15, 2016
Agonist - Five

There's a lot of things, swarmed hive - we've interested in Agonist - Five !
It begins with distant howl, then a guitar break summons the image of a tender lady, uttering gentle lyrical phrase first, then turning to the demon, terrorizing surrounding aria with her screams. Next lady explains all of that in chorus - This is The Moment, all elements collide!
Sharp riffs and tough motives striving for freedom, hard vocal screaming tends to release from The Chain. Then, in the bridge in front of the chorus advents choir aspiring for changes with appeals for unity and emotional phrases of clean female vocals brings a ray of light and a powerful beam of sparkling hopes with symphonical inclusions!
A flock of sea beasts flying on the wings of the spray at the crests of the waves, rapidly and violently breaking up the path in before them, The Anchor and the Sail adds lyrical symphonic tunes during the short respites with companions and singing along with them as well!
The team was confused in the hectic rushing, these jerks are combined with jagged rhythm of the composition. It flying in wortex circles, combining melodic clean vocals and lyrical motifs with aggressive hysterical screaming - so such multifaceted and unpredictable The Game has released!
After the abrupt and hasty jerks The Ocean of romantical lyrics, carries minds into the clouds quickly and uncontrollably, leaning to the tender ballad in Chorus.
The Hunt appeals to the hidden depths of the mind, after the lyrical melodic entry stalls in sharp swift running, later zealous and gusty verse turning into a melodic and thoughtful bridge and chorus. Hunting refers to various forms of reactions and perceptions - what can you do with that thing?!
From romantic confession, The Raven Eyes tale turns into a symphonic saga, that unites ancient melodies with acoustic Dixielands early 20th century or even earlier.
Flute and piano evokes wonderful and dreamy thoughts becomes a bright impressive symphonic passage that turns into The Wake of The Resurrection which happens as irreconcilable debates between gentle and pure emotional female vocals and furious, embittered demonic screaming. Referee raises winner's hand - clean vocals has won!
But rage and desire for revenge overwhelms screaming, it acts like The Villain. However, even in such zealous anger and blatant aggression reveals the sincerity - vocals denies his wickedness, he - like all of us! Combines incompatible, The Pursuit of Emptiness weaves nervous sharp screaming and oppressive musical atmosphere with a delicate, emotionally charged clean female vocals in unbreakable monolith, symphonic and furious simultaneously!
The grim and detached atmosphere that The Man Who Fell to Earth brings here, casts a veil of haze shady, enveloping shadow of doubt. Bewitching voice sings spell that captivating perception by its gentle meandering sounds.
Symphony orchestra passage in the beginning of The Trial becomes clear rhythmic story - not everyone can undergo such a test, the preparation requires clarification, impressive sounds of gentle female vocals phrases, continuing nervous and frustrated tone about the possible consequences of unfulfilled tasks. Nervousness and emotion woven into single entity with the increased speed, flying away in melodic beam unite. Take Me To Church (Bonus), Hozier cover - very interesting, accelerating the flow of vocal phrases and rhythms in some places with no reduce of the emotional charge, as well!