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Not all quests have completed yet - so no remorse and no regret!

September 14, 2017
Arch Enemy - Will To Power

Bright guitar solo Set Flame To The Night, sparkling with sparks of melodious passages, begins Arch Enemy - Will To Power album. In this album, the band seems to have remembered the soundtracks of old epoch-making cinemas - legionaries, gladiators and knights, fuming with weapons and glittering armor, comes to the glorious battle supported by the fierce and powerful drive!
The resistance is swept away by the The Race that rushes in rapid frenzy drive, placing at the forefront of sound the pace and speed.
The dusky fog hovers around the Blood In The Water music, dreamy guitar passages wrap around mysterious mysticism, as if invisible spells envelop the protective cocoon with vocal phrases from surrounding reality, adversity and evil sorcerers Powerfully and confidently, wrapping around with the shimmering musical blanket, covers from all sides, The World Is Yours claims that in this world they only hope for themselves - the vocal part fits more th a kind of ballad, but the music quirks around, wrapping in melodic fractures and drawing attention to itself everywhere, forever and ever.
Disturbing and concentrated loading with a rigid introduction, The Eagle Flies Alone main motive splashes its enchanting motives, then in the verse the meditation and alarm again prevail, revealing the charm of the keynote in the chorus.
Soft guitar bust, creating a charming romantic atmosphere sets the Reason To Believe introduction, accompanies soft soft vocal Alice White-Glutz. But then the vocal is painted with bright and powerful emotions, lifting the ballad to the top of the triumph of valor and glory. Then this sequence repeats again.
Furious, frenzied drive pulsates with explosions and bursts of musical extravaganza, in the Murder Scene chorus the melody comes to the forefront of the sound, crowning the combination of charming melodic riffs peculiar to the style. Vocal performes first as the growling, then furious screaming, after which the mysterious clean style sinks in the musical fog and the growling completes the composition.
Circling in the deadly dance of musical motifs, the vocal confidently and persistently brings its sound to all around during its First Day In Hell, using the support of suitable musical ideas, showing that from time to time gloomy spiteful power and the dreamy charm of melodious passages.
The charming harpsichord motifs have combined with a soft guitar solo in a short instrumental tale Saturnine, anticipating a soft, solemn Dream of Retribution intro, that turns into so rapid verse that does not lose its vibrant melody. In the choruses the symphonic, unforgettable introduction again returns to the forefront of the musical image.
Mysterious, gloomy motifs of My Shadow and I song swiftly circles around in polysemantic ideas, from time to time gathering in deep instrumental breaks.
So fascinating, diverse composition, following the path of the leitmotif, in the tunnel of bright instrumental passages unquestioningly affirming A Fight I Must Win - neither refuse nor resist! Without the slightest doubt and regret, pulsating in the powerful impulses of the mid-tempo drive all forces are attached to this fight.