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Not all predictions were accepted and fully realized

November 12, 2018
Analepsy - Atrocities From Beyond

Mysterious discussions and disputes culminate in the majestic motive of the Apocalyptic Premonition intro, then rolling in with a confident march, the vocal entry hardens the sound of the first song of the Analepsy - Atrocities From Beyond album to unrestrained fury,concentrated in a dense sound, driven by vocal phrases - carried away in rapid breaks, but again returning to the average tempo, completing the composition of the majestic march.
But after the invocation of an unknown magician Rifts to Abhorrence whipped up a dark wave of impetuous drive, but then the vocals subdued the musical fury to their phrases, weaving together with instrumental parts in a single musical image.
The Vermin Devourer explodes with deadly rage in the intro, but then the vocals pacify the musical endlessness, then alternating his teachings with flashes of instrumental fury. But the vocals subordinate musical passages with harsh instructions, weaving together their phrases with a gloomy drive into the Witnesses of Extinction, completing the composition with a dark anthem. Dense pulsating beginning sets the intriguing Ferocious Aftermath sound, then the vocals bring their phrases to the forefront of the musical image anticipating the mid-tempo drive, which ends with mysterious vocal twists entwined with the gloomy grandeur of melodic passages. Engorged Absorption continues vocal domination, the music staggers from side to side. But then the composition is carried away in a rapid passage, then returning to thoughtful vocal reflections that sum up the current situation.
Powerfully rolls the wave of the Eons In Vacuum intro, then vocals complements the music with their own phrases. But then the composition of rolling and viscous continues its narration, concentrating the attention of the nagy vocal phrases that precede the mysterious guitar solo. But the final vocal phrases seek to be freed from viscous fetters. But the Depths of Agony intro wraps with mysterious tunes of either unknown birds, or invisible spirits, hovering around the entry and squealing with guitar riffs. The vocal does not dare to cut into the sound of the instrumental suite.
The thunder, indistinct and invisible impacts and electronic impulses end with a pulsating dense drive of the Atrocity Deeds intro, then the music changes the tempo and sound repeatedly, varying the rhythm in unpredictable combinations.
A prayer of suffering victims Omen of Return completes the album with a viscous wave of musical horror with distorted phrases against the background of a wave of a guitar drive.