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September 11, 2019
Falaise - A Place I Don't Belong To

Fascinating symphonic melody Intro instrumental suite begins the Falaise - A Place I Don't Belong To album with a dreamy charm. Once, My Home intro continues the instrumental charm of the previous track, complementing it with romantic shades and thoughtful outlines. Then an explosion of furious drive precedes the introduction of vocals, while preserving, however, the charm of the melody of the introduction and the previous composition.
Showing the enchanting lace of the main motive in the When The Sun Was Warming My Heart introduction, then mysterious progressive rhythmic variations complement it, the vocals enter with a severe growling, however the musical charm envelops these frightening phrases. A Place I Don't Belong To begins again with a soft romantic symphony, gradually gaining power and significance, then supplementing the musical charm with vocal phrases, sometimes exploding in waves of unbridled drive, while preserving romantic melody, however.
The guitar solo brings a wave of alarm and continues to soar in vortices of drive around vocal phrases, keeping the pulsating stream of An Emptiness Full Of You main motive in an impregnable tunnel of musical passages. But then a brooding romance dissipates the alarm and envelops the pacifying atmosphere of a charming symphony. Forcing a slight acceleration of pace and raising the banner of mesmerizing melody to the front edge of the musical image, Leaves In The Wind crowns vocal phrases with a veil of melodic charm. The mystery of the impressive melody begins the Consumed Soul composition with a soft, intriguing sound, captivating with an incredible reassurance, followed by an explosion of furious drive, then this alternation is repeated again and again. Holding NothingThe final composition of album 1 is proudly marching with the banner of the main motive, varying the pace from a pacifying ballad to a rebellious drive, ending with epic chorales.