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Not all light remains from humanity

January 20, 2020
Tod Huetet Uebel - Nomen Nescio

The eerie atmosphere of a leisurely keyboard solo escalates the atmosphere of gloomy presentiments of the Tod Huetet Uebel - Nomen Nescio album, then a furious drive weaves the Na fuga vocal and musical elements into the fury of an unbridled drive, sometimes varying the tempo and weaving unexpected combinations from vocal and musical parts. The final fragment is transformed into a leisurely procession of the funeral procession, continuing the pulsating atmosphere into the intro of the Impotente de infinito gloomy march, full of horror and despair. But then the musical stream pumps the waves of drive, accelerating the pace to the brink of an average and fast pace, but again and again returning to fragments filled with incredible sadness.
But the rampant drive returns again, escalating anger and irritation with frantic musical passages and building the Humeris insidentes! musical image on the dispute of rasping screaming and severe growling. Il reste peu du meme homme continues to build a musical essence on the debate of vocal styles, however supplementing with screaming and growling even more variety, enveloping them with musical covers full of sonorous drive and severe power.
Walking in the mid-tempo march, at first Lamento then accelerates the pace of acceleration, raising the atmosphere of horror and despair on the wing of the black raven and alternating the nervous vocal tunes and the muffled whisper of the warlock conjuring magic potions. Such a bewitching alternation completes the album with a dark shroud of hopeless oblivion