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Not all joys have to be tested while someone still wasted

January 04, 2017
Forever Wasted - Forever Wasted

Bitterness can't be totally tried out, that will result Forever Wasted - Forever Wasted forever and ever!
After a strange, mysterious and intermittent conversation stringy and gloomy growl of The Last Man On Earth occupies the surrounding reality and his stringy dark sound that complements the prolonged rage and fury viscous embittered guitars. Loneliness bursting him inside, but there's no one to vent his feelings - he is one, the last one. No one else in this depleted world - awareness of this fact causes a surge of angry rage, destroy everything around! Break down, smash to pieces, destroy all around!
This impulse is embodied in a fierce Devastation, combining furious rabid violent spurts with a powerful, powerful blows hammered rhythm, hammering piles into the structure of the world. But so fierce and furious state can not last forever - it is replaced by a weary, quiet step that prepares the foundation for the coming ...
of the Empire that was created with confidence of melodic pathos, reaching toward any obstacles with sure of its thoughtful steps. This track is so self-asserting as instrumental saga that the vocals enter only in the middle of it for a bitwithout changing the basic motive, only adjusting its tough emotional growl under its sounding.
Title track Forever Wasted starts with weird guitars murmur, turns into a journey of bound in discouragement, burdened by staying in depleted condition, traveler without any hope forward, not seeing a single glimmer of inspiration in the end of its road. But he does not lose heart or ceases advancement! Contrary, he's complementing progress with his rage and anger, smashing all the obstacles in his path with ther power and pressure.
It begins with sublime narration of wandering bards, then turns into the mysterious spaces nestled with veil of Red Sky.
Slowly revolves gears, gnashing mechanisms of Machines creates a gloomy lifeless and soulless atmosphere, permeated by despair and painful anticipation of incredible changes. But at the end of the mechanisms are accelerated, creating a clanking noise, and increasing the likelihood of a changes!
Fury stretched in time, pushing the last seconds of life in the Suicide Forest to infinity, repeating their achievements - let no one hitherto unnoticed ... but they need to remember, they bring colors and shades in the last moments. Resentment and hostility cause violent screams, annoyance and irritation forces their way out! But the past is repeated and repeated over and over again ... until the "white noise" is not complete the whole album, lullabies bells helps it in that act.