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Not all in the world obeys God's will

July 05, 2021
Cave, Nick - Carnage

The Hand of God vocals reflections, complemented by mysterious backgrounds and variative vocal changes, in combination with symphonic musical mysteriousness begins the Nick Cave - Carnage album. The vocals goes to the forefront of the driving musical motifs of the Old Time song, sparkling intriguing transfigurations and mysterious changes.
The title composition Carnage will rebel the crying sadness, complementing the vocal grievance of the van-singing of singing ladies and keyboards extensions of lost memories. The White Elephant song bows and tightened in the playful procession, a disagreement of disagreement and perturbations, topped with a renaceous atmosphere. But then the church of the servants of the Church completes these doubts with spiritual anthems.
The Albuquerque soft and tender ballad combines piano jerseys with vocal memories, creating an atmosphere of gentle inspiration. The Lavender Fields vocal monologue develops the further essence of the spiritual anthem, supplemented by the herales of adepts in acoustic reflections.
The crying and despair, the permeated atmosphere of the former memories fascinates the atmosphere of sad romance, combining the musical component and vocal reflections into the sound of the Shattered Ground composition. The Balcony Man song completes the album with romantic extensions of the encouraging atmosphere.