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Not all fairy tales are meant to be understood

October 21, 2020
Damnation Plan - The Wakening

The Intro symphonic mystery reveals the vastness of the Damnation Plan - The Wakening album, then supplementing The Unknown Presence with symphonic appeals of the musical essence, the melodies of clean vocals inspired by brooding sadness and the pulsating drive of musical restraint. Alternating dreamy appeals of clean vocals, wrapped in a shroud of symphonic experiences, the Blindsighted sometimes explodes with an unrestrained drive of furious growling and a corresponding musical drive. The Wakening begins with a progressive fracture of the rhythmic essence, complemented by the atmosphere of an epic saga. The vocals then combines the alternation and interweaving of grooling and clean vocals to complement the musical image.
The hardening and deepening of the rhythmic essence sets the direction for the development of the Edge Of MachineryT vocal part. The Crimson Skies develops the epic essence of musical storytelling. The procession of the Walk Of Illusion musical essence continues the muzhikalny sings with a viscous and crisp essence. Acoustic Ashes crying intertwined with cleaning vocals calls out to the rapcha of the bardic ballad, which steals everything around with its veils Progressive Resurrected (Within Ourselves) overflows overlap the character of epic proclamations alternating with instrumental narration. The Grand World Anthem progressive lamentations of guitar solos and vocal proclamations take to the final narrative.