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Not all desires are predictable and understandable

May 09, 2018
Within Destruction - Deathwish

Distorted reflections on inhuman programs of pre-eminent research spread the External Interference alarm in the introduction of the Within Destruction - Deathwish album, the title track continues with its dense and gloomy fog, combining a variety of vocal styles, mixing in a unique cocktail of growling (guttural and usual), clean and even pig squeal phrases.
The impenetrable fog conceals False Revelation musical shades, enveloping various vocal inventions with gloomy colors, then sweeping away in rapid passages. But dark charm captures the reins of government, complementing the music with the symphonic melody.
Vocal changes envelop the axis of the Extinction main motif, twisting around it with changeable whirlwinds, supplementing the growling with pig squeal.
The violent wave of dense drive is pushing Torture Ritual as so confident step, slowly and rigidly sweeping away resistance by dark tendencies, from time to time speeding up the pace with deadly jerks, but again and again returning to the mid-tempo power.
Vocal is rampant in Human Defect (feat. Dickie Allen from Infant Annihilator) introduction, then vocal phrases are intertwined in a leisurely dance with powerful instrumental submissions, then carried away after them in a furious race that ends with a dense and meaningful march, supplemented by obscure tunes on the background.
Deliberate reflections alternate with turns of guitar riffs, rolling with dark foreboding the impenetrable shaft of Downfall of Humanity anxiety. These premonitions sweep a sharp wave of drive, returning to troubled reflections, anticipating a romantic melody in the instrumental part. Vocal phrases woven their narrative from different styles while dominating in Darkness Swallows Life composition, the rest of the instruments are associated with their forebodings and ideas.
The guitar scurries in search, doubting, weaving our vague Self-Hatred premonitions with vocal searches, rushing about in obscure aspirations, then merging their impulses into the pursuit of a mystical fog.
So tight and hard drive furiously and powerfully casts its influence on the verse, invoking epic reflections Death Awaits Us All in bridges and choruses.
Computer program HMR45 by distorted female voice sums up the conquest of the Earth, mentioning the ability to survive and welcomes the new order.