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Northern legends about battles with a terrible wolf

September 07, 2021
Thyrfing - Vanagandr

After the symphonic intrigue of the introduction of the Dop dem i eld composition combines fascinating melodium with a fierce drive, starting the musical narrative of the Thyrfing - Vanagandr conceptual album to the fascinating unity of contrasts. The soft guitar solo entry converts its sound to a more powerful and epic main motive of the Undergangens lankar saga.
Turning to the musical motives of the Northern Folklore, the Rotter song pierces his sound by the leitmotif of the northern fairy tales, confidently and toughly marching the rhythmic flow of a medium-stage march, topped with a symphony musical background. The acoustic guitar chime is combined with fierce and angry vocal appeals, complemented by the fascinating sound of the Fredlos majestic anthem.
Persistently, disassemble and confidently marching the medium-grades, the Jarnhand increases vocal phrases on the crests of its musical waves. Cracking raven and mysterious essays of shamanic rituals begin the sound of the Hag och minne composition, continuing by the transformed vocal, augmented by a mystical musical background. The vocal party combines variable growling and inspired speeches of clean vocals.
Rolling musical waves of the main motive, the Traldomsord displays the vocal batch on the forefront of the musical image. In the chorus, the main vocals complement the backgrounds of the musical associates. The Jordafard puts the final point in the musical narrative album with epic ballad.