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Northern fairy tales pierce ages

June 19, 2022
King Of Asgard - Svartrvidr

The thoughtful musical mystery of the guitar solo slowly and gradually weaves the musical lace of the Frodr composition from the threads of norns and echoes of past events, which opens the musical book of the King Of Asgard - Svartrvidr album with the twilight solemnity of the epic saga, into which vocal insistence then brings notes of drive. Persistently, confidently and persistently, the Rifna musical saga continues the embodiment of northern tales, wrapping around the vocals narrative of harsh growling vocals in a leisurely procession of solemn grandeur.
Darkly and mysteriously entering the musical path, the Haeimr musical tale complements the twilight of musical stories with the narration of a vocals storyteller, anticipating the Kvikr bard song, which is then developed and supplemented by violent waves of musical drive.
The high priest's vocals invocation begins the musical ritual of the Ammobiaerg composition, preparing its musical saga long, intriguingly and mysteriously, in which the main vocals are supported by background chorales of associates. The Svartrvidr title track of the album solemnly marches along the chosen musical path, wrapping the vocal appeals with musical veils.
The acoustic guitar solo in the Harmdaudr intro brings some echoes of ancient sagas, setting the charm of northern fairy tales, complemented by the mystery of the FaeigR last composition of the album.