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Northern down is awaiting

June 28, 2022
Heidra - Awaiting Dawn

The vikings inspiration of the Prelude musical essence sets the mood and prepares for the perception of a musical fairy tale, which envelops the bright and exciting sound of the Heidra - Awaiting Dawn album's title track, which develops the musical motives of the introduction in a breathtaking whirlwind of musical charm, combining the bright drive of the battle saga with the influence of symphonic musical variations. The vocal part alternates inspirational melodies of epic clean vocals and rebellious pressure of furious vocal phrases that combine screaming and growling in their sound.
The epic musical motives of the introduction anticipate the further development of the musical composition, slowly and intriguingly gradually rolling out the shades of its musical canvas and weaving them into a bewitching lace of the Betrayal musical fairy tale. Then the vocal part moves to the forefront of the combative sound of the Witch Of Prophecy track, alternating dreamy clean vocals and furious screaming in the foreground of the musical image. The Into Cursed Lands musical fairy tale wraps the lyrical vocal narration of the storyteller with musical variety, charming with the influence of mystical omens and echoes of ancient legends.
The Wolfborn composition soars in a swift whirlwind of unrestrained pursuit, weaving a bright musical stream of musical impetuosity in a sparkling spiral around the vocal narrative, like the rest of the album, alternating and combining screaming, growling and clean vocals. The Power Of Gods epic march enchants with echoes of the sparkling icy reflections of northern fairy tales. The Harbinger Of War song completes the album with the embodiment of its characteristic motifs and captivating the listener with this unity of folklore echoes of ancient times and their modern incarnation.