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Norns weaves patterns of destiny

February 03, 2018
King Of Asgard - taudr

Like the severe epic fairy take The Curse And The Wanderer woven by the northern winds opens the shores of significant legendary saga King Of Asgard - taudr, into the envelope of the shrouded frosty drive, then enchanting with lyrical melodies, supplementing the dreamy tunes with the chorals of clean vocals on the background. In the final part, the enchanting melody takes us to the illusory expanse of an extraordinary symphonic inspiration, complementing the deep vocal phrases with unforgettable magical instrumental delights.
Folklore motifs begin the wave of the rolling dusk Death And A New Sun, the leitmotif of embracing in confident progress. After setting and confirming the sound of the main motive, the composition gathers the chorus of followers, sweeping the symphonic interpretation of folk songs, creating majestic passages.
Pulsating as march of militant units, the title track taudr develops the legend in a proud manner, carrying the brightly fluttering banners of the valor and courage of the heroic Vikings, who are not afraid to rebuff any enemy - neither from flesh and blood, nor a terrible undead.
Majestically creating a general picture ...For The Fury Of The Norse with a rhythmic and bright musical foundation, over which bright guitar solos flickered brightly, 1 then mixes an incredible kaleidoscope of phrases and musical ideas, then still choosing for them a further road that occasionally arranges halts in bright dreamy chorals. A marvelous instrumental symphony completes this meaningful and unforgettable narration, enveloping all levels of consciousness with lyrical romance.
The mysterious passages of the piano are picked up by the guitar, completing the re-creation of the Upon Raging Waves, Mithotyn cover enchanting main motive, majestically and unforgettably completing this spectacular saga, bringing shadows of severe fiords and a splash of the northern surf.