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Noone can't be mistreated

November 06, 2016
Lost In Wonders - Stout and Full of Life

Somethimes went into the money, wants a jar...because of Lost In Wonders - Stout and Full of Life that's near!
Thoughtfully, clearly and firmly brings us Prevailing in Deception, ready all of us for further severe stress.
Firmly and clearly, without moving from the specified path The Grim Devourer goes further, offering to follow him - or oppose. There's no another case!
Title thoughtfully and rolling passes to new horizons in perception of Stout and Full of Life. But the bar busy - wait, wait and wait - dreamily sings our thoughts, sublime guitar tunes hums under your thoughts!
Powerfuly and strongly denouncing their thoughts, Crowned in the Shadows continues to vigorously pursue and ineradicable attention, guitar riffs permeate the consciousness and require attention to the vocal phrases, leaving no chance to escape.
Tides of Solitudes calm, balanced and compulsively brings up for the all around its position, exalted and calm arguing as well. There's no other oppinion! No! No!
Dreamy fairy image surrounds Those Sallow and Hollow Eyes movements, all enveloped in a dreamy way incorporeal. Waiting for the enslavements and responses fo their emancipations as well!
Acceleration, emancipation arises among On Lies They Lay so fury jumps in anticipation of the following powerful bursts. Turns for a bit into calm tranquility and goes furth!
Vocals imbues with its anger and sense the whole palette of the Willing for Tomorrow. Argh! The emotions in the harsh manner prevails all of the thoughts!