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Nobody can guess the dreams of another one

June 06, 2023
Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But a Dream…

Beginning with the soft enchanting chime of guitar strings weaving the enchanting lace of the acoustic intro, the Game Over song then weaves music and vocals into an enchanting dance, again and again transforming and complementing the rhythmic structure, varying the musical style, returning to the acoustic romance in the final movement, continuing the musical path of the Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But a Dream… album by rolling the waves of the harsh drive of the Mattel intro, retreating before the soft thoughts of the vocals lyrics, sometimes combining these contrasting musical elements in a single musical stream and enchanting with a bright artistic guitar solo anticipating the artistic unity of music and vocals, developing in the twilight mystery of the pensive majesty of the Nobody inspired ballad.
The impatient haste of the music in the vocals soars in the joint whirlwind of the introduction of the We Love You song, foreshadowing further demands with a drum roll, then retreating before the pensive romance of the atmospheric melodies of the Cosmic ballad, bewitching vocals tenderness and musical melody, bewitching with even more progressive artistry in the sound of the gentle and thoughtful romantic atmosphere of the Beautiful Morning composition, sometimes whirling with a sparkling whirlwind of a guitar solo, complementing the melodic charm unhurried and enchanting of the Easier song's lounge music.
Bringing spirituality and progressive guitar passages to the intro of the G track, which opens the trilogy of songs, further reflections of the vocals part are complemented by the charm of the singing lady's melodies, starting the (O)rdinary trilogy's next part with the keyboard suite, then combining the guitar riffs of the main motif with vocal phrases, preceding the (D)eath enchanting symphony with echoes of Frank Sinatra's songs, preceding the conclusion of the Life Is But a Dream... album with the charm of the instrumental keyboards suite of its title track.